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kirsty lipscombe
Born in United Kingdom
17 years
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terri angel January 12, 2007

my love for you and your family in 2007.........keep shining!!

never let go of those happy memories.....xxxxxxx

love you always xxx

amy(cousin) kirsty own poem she wrote December 20, 2006

The End Of Days

when i come to the end of the day,

and the sun has set for me.

i want no rights in a gloom filled room,

why cry for a soul set free?

miss me a little, but not too long,

and now with your heads bowed low,

remember the love that we once shared,

miss me but let me go.

for this is a journey we all must take,

and each must go alone,

its all part of the makers plan,

a step on the way to home.

when you're lonely and sick at heart,

go to the friends we know,

and smile at the things we used to do,

miss me, but let me go.

Beverly(Harley Walls Mom) My Thoughts n Prayers R with U December 9, 2006

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